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A Blooming Hill Vineyard

A Blooming Hill Vineyard

5195 SW Hergert Rd.
Cornelius OR 97113

Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, noon to 5:30 PM
Tuesday - Thursday, by appointment


Winemaker's Vineyard Notes

VINEYARD NOTES – Our vineyard is on a southeast-facing slope in the last hills of the Chehalem Mountain range. Each vine is nestled in windblown, volcanic soil anchored to this basalt range with depths of six to twelve feet. This rich soil produces grapes lavish in the tastes of the earth and its surrounding micro- climate. Each vine is coaxed by hand to produce full, compact clusters.

In this unusual microclimate, the 480 foot elevation is protected by higher hills on three sides from any coastal storms or harsh weather changes. The sun warms the grapes throughout the day producing the sugars and flavors into the peak of the afternoon. The grapes are then cooled by the late afternoon and evening ocean breezes that fan down the Columbia River, skirting the coastal range into this, the northern Willamette Valley. This daily cycle is repeated throughout the fall until the grapes are picked at their peak of ripeness.

The vines, trained to a Henry trellis, achieve a critical balance of vine growth to berry growth. The bunches ripen in their time – slowly – to achieve the utmost flavors this unusual microclimate can create.

PRODUCTION NOTES – Jim tends each vine by hand from first pruning in January. Each grape cluster is scrutinized and selected in the vineyard from veraison through the hand picking process. Only the best clusters are destined for the fermenting tanks and, for the red wine, their week to ten-day cold-soak sojourn.

Once cold soaking achieves maximum color extraction, fermentation is started to transform the sugars into alcohol. When complete, less than a week later, the juices are moved into oak barrels to begin a secondary fermentation and aging process. We use 30% new Oak barrels to achieve an understated balance of oak to fruit taste that gives us our complex and superb fruit-forward taste. Over the next year, the wine is monitored, naturally fined, the barrels are topped weekly and the wine is racked off the lees and finings. The Pinot Noir is then cold stabilized and left to rest and age.

With the white wines, each variety is pressed in whole bunches and the juice transferred into separate stainless tanks on the same day that the grapes are picked. The fermentation process begins immediately, and through use of a slow yeast and in a cold fermenting room, the grape juices ferment slowly to maximize the extraction of the fruit flavors. Each wine is left on the lees for a differing amount of time depending upon the settling process. Each wine is then racked, fined, filtered and cold stabilized prior to bottling in late spring/early summer.

These are ageless wines you can drink right now - or savor in years to come.

award winning wines

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Award-winning Wines

NEWS! OUR 2013 PINOT NOIR WON TWO GOLD MEDALS! These medals are special to us since one is from the Oregon Wine Awards, our peers; and, the other is from the Pinot Shootout in Sebastapol, CA where 497 Pinots from around the world were entered.

We knew the 2013 Pinot Noir was special when we tasted it a week after bottling and could not believe how smooth and delightful it was!  We did a soft introduction in the Tasting Room and couldn’t restock fast enough!  Now it has won two Gold medals, proving our instincts right! Oregon Wine Awards; Pinot Noir Shootout in Sebastapol, CA.

Our Wines Currently Being Served in the Tasting Room

2017 Mingle – Our lovely, signature white blend of Pinot Gris, Riesling and Chardonnay.  Refreshing and fresh!

2016 Chardonnay – Un-oaked! Pink Grapefruit with good body and a lovely nose.

 2016 Pinot Gris – Oregon’s Other Pinot! Full bodied, velvety and soft with tastes of honey and Meyer Lemons.


2016 Riesling – Floral nose, medium-sweet, tastes of delicate key lime pie.

2017 Riesling - Candied tropical fruits, beautiful nose, lovely body, this wine pairs with foods that have a bit of spice to them.

2017 Rosé of Pinot Noir - Our Rose has rose petals on the nose, ladyfinger apples and watermelon tastes with a little spice on the long finish.



2011 Pinot Noir- So smooth. Fruit forward and a very long finish. This is one of our STARs with a Double Gold in the Oregon Wine Awards, a Gold in the Northwest Food and Wine Festival, another Gold in the Pacific Northwest Invitational; and two Silvers – the American Wine Society and the Pinot Noir Shootout in Sonoma!

2012 Pinot Noir – Bold, rich raspberry, tobacco. Very smooth. The 2012 Pinot Noir won a Silver medal in the New York International Wine Competition. We are very pleased as we believe this is an excellent wine. Over 1000 wines were tasted and less than 30% won medals. There were fourteen Pinot Noirs that won a Silver (none won Gold) and we were one of four from Oregon.

2013 Pinot Noir – a crowd pleaser!  Well balanced, fruit forward, excellent flavor and very smooth.  Two Gold medals.

2014 Pinot Noir GEMINI – SILVER medal! As the star sign, two pleasures: gentle berries uniting with silky richness .

2014 Pinot Noir TROUBLE – Gold medal and an Oregon Wine Press Cellar Select! Vibrant and full of pepper, licorice and spice

2015 Pinot Noir GEMINI – Notes of berry and spice with a bit of orange peel in a silky, smooth wine. Our selected oak profile gives this wine body and character.

2015 Pinot Noir TROUBLE – Tastes from the forest to the sea to lavender fields with tangy pine, sea salt air and sunshine merging on the palate. Again, our oak profile gives this a special dimension.

2016 Pinot Noir GEMINI – Spicy red lollipop and cotton candy to go with a roller coaster of flavor that goes on and on.

2016 Pinot Noir TROUBLE – Sweet cherries and berries and a long walk in the woods, then a dinner of your favorite winter stew – Boeuf Bourguignon or Almond and chickpea Tagine?

2017 Pinot Noir GEMINI – Raspberry, cinnamon, chocolate

2017 Pinot Noir TROUBLE - Blackberry, dark cherry, spice

VXX and XII – Both of these are made entirely from our Pinot Noir grapes and distilled with a brandy made from our wine. VXX is made from our Double Gold 2011 Pinot Noir. It is incredibly smooth with deep, deep berry and raisin flavors in a luxurious wine with decadent elegance. 16% alc. 3% sugar and aged for two years in oak.

XII is made from our 2012 Pinot, a legendary vintage in the Willamette Valley. It aged for four years in oak and is silky and elegant with dark, rich flavors of berry, chocolate and a bit of cinnamon. 17% alc.,4% sugar.

Both of these dessert wines are wonderful complements to fruits and cheeses and to desserts.